Quality Policy

  • T : Top Quality
    We would provide consistently top quality products to our customer, through strict process control and quality assurance systems.
  • B : Best Service
    We would provide the best service to our customer, with on-time delivery and strong after sales support.
  • C : Continuous Improvement
    We would pursue continuous improvement of our people, process, product and services.
  • We believe that quality is the basic strategy for our future growth and success.

Product of Highest Quality

At Thai Beverage Can Ltd. , we put utmost importance on the quality of our product.

We instill a plant culture that  stresses quality is the  responsibility of  each  and  every  TBC  employee. Only materials  approved  by Ball are used in the plant.  Incoming checks of materials  are done to ensure consistent quality.

We  also invest in the most modern quality inspection equipment, and implement strict inspection procedures  under Ball recommendation.  Inspection data of critical  parameters are  automatically stored in a centralized computer system for statistical analysis.

All the line technicians and managers  have gone through  intensive  Statistical Process  Control (SPC) training and  use this tool  to improve  production process  and product quality.



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